Country of origin : Sri Lanka

Forms available : Organic and Conventional / Conventional with SO2 or SO2 Free / Fine/ Medium/Flakes/Chips

Ingredients : Organic fresh coconut meat / Conventional fresh coconut meat

Production Process : Dehydrated freshly selected mature white coconut meat. Processed into smaller shreds, flakes or chips

Description : Ideal culinary ingredient that can be stored for several years without altering its taste / Non GMO

Applications : Ideal for confectionaries and use as fillings, toppings and as ingredient for food manufactures. Bakery industry, Smoothies, Ice cream and spicy fish and meat dishes

Certifications : Kosher, Organic, ISO 22000

Chemical Values : Upon request

Microbial values : Upon request

Packaging : Products can be offered in your required packaging

Shelf life : Stable up to two years from Production time