Country of origin : Sri Lanka

Forms available : Organic extra virgin / Organic coconut oil with low melting point

Ingredients : Organic fresh coconut meat

IProduction Process : Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is derived from the milk obtained from fresh coconut meat by centrifugal separation and care is taken to use no heat in the extraction process

Description : These raw materials are not produced from genetically modified organisms

Applications : Confectionary, Baby food, Cooking oil, Sauces, Bakery industry, Non Food – Personal care products, nutritional supplements

Certifications : Kosher, Organic, ISO 22000

Chemical Values : Upon request

Microbial values : Upon request

Packaging : PET bottles, Glass jars and Bulk

Shelf life : Stable up to two years from Production time. Store in a dry place at ambient temperature and away from direct sunlight